The College of Nursing was established in 2008 at Rania city. Initially, it was affiliated with the University of Koya.
In 2010, the University of Raparin was established by the Kurdistan Regional Government. At that time, the College of Nursing was incorporated into the University of Raparin under the leadership of the first Dean – Dr. Bahzad Wsw Hamad.
In 2011, Assistant Professor Dr. Sanaa Hassan Abdulsahib became Dean of the College of Nursing. Under Dr. Sanaa’s leadership the College of Nursing expanded to include both Masters and Doctoral Programs in a variety of nursing sub-specialties. Each year, the College of Nursing has approximately 65 Baccalaureate (undergraduate) prepared nurses, and five to ten post graduate nurses.

The vision of the College of Nursing is to contribute to the development and upgrading of health services in Kurdistan region / Iraq by providing and delivering excellent nursing education and scientific research of high quality.

The mission is to promote and maintain the highest level of education through continuous improvement in education, research quality, and community services in the fields of nursing. The College of Nursing does this by providing education in a scientific environment, that stresses a student-centered learning process that promotes autonomy and critical thinking. This is distinguished by integration of teaching, research and co-curricular experiences. The College of Nursing is preparing students to be responsible citizens in the country, and compassionate, productive members of society who serve the public good by providing excellent nursing care and contribute to improving the health care system of Kurdistan.

Objectives of College of Nursing
1. To implement high quality of education in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies
2. To graduate highly qualified professional health care leaders and nurses
3. To participate in the development of the health care services in KRG and Iraq
4. To promote nursing and health care specialties by providing high quality of researches

Core Values

The College of Nursing core values are integrity, caring, trust, diversity, equity, engagement and community partnerships.