Learning Outcome

No Program Learning Outcomes
PLO1 Demonstrate the capacity to respond to the psychological and cultural needs of the patient and family.
PLO2 Develop communication skills to work with patients, families, caregivers, and multidisciplinary teams in the health care practice settings
PLO3 Prepare to support professional nursing practice through concepts and theories from the Basic Science, Medical, biological, physical, and social sciences.
PLO4 Develop the ability to engage in life-long learning
PLO5 Act in accordance with good moral and ethical practice standards, as well as the importance of professional licensure.
PLO6 Generate model leadership in providing safe and effective nursing care
PLO7 Use the nursing process and critical thinking to provide holistically, patient-centered nursing care in clinical and community settings.
PLO8 Indicate to operate in international and diverse environments harmoniously and using the English language proficiently.
PLO9 Employ the techniques, skills, and modern medical and nursing tools necessary for nursing practice in a variety of nursing specialties.
PLO10 Combine biomedical science into nursing practice
PLO11 Apply research findings in a variety of health and nursing specialties that informs nursing practices.
PLO12 Design preventive health care education interventions for individuals, families, and communities