• The nursing degree program prepares students to meet the challenges may face in professional practice and examination to obtain a professional license as a nurse, a pediatric nurse, or an adult nurse is integrated into the degree program.
    Undergraduate study in the college of nursing is a full-time program, in which theory and practice phases alternate. You will also work in nursing practice, where you learn in interdisciplinary teams under supervision.
  • College of nursing working closely with different health agencies in the Kurdistan region. In the practical phases, students are supervised by a clinical mentor or teaching staff of the College of Nursing.
  • Based on the higher education rules in Iraq and the Kurdistan region. The study courses usually commence in the fall semester. In accordance with the Bologna structure, the degree program is organized into modules.
  • The nursing degree program is a full-time program and comprises eight semesters including the Bachelor graduated research. The student workload is measured according to ECTS credit points. One ECTS point is the equivalent of 25 hours and the overall degree program corresponds to 240 ECTS. The degree program comprises 47 theory and practice modules included all elective modules. In each semester, students can choose individually among the required elective module.